Susi Proudman

Susi Proudman is Vice President of Global Apparel and Equipment Materials at Nike, and Chairperson of the Better Cotton Initiative Council.

Susi Proudmen recommends:

- Sheree Waterson
"Sheree knew what she wanted, but respected opinion, encouraged out of the box thinking and cared more about the person than the company. She empowered self belief and collaboration and encouraged you to live in the present and just breathe!"

- Jan Singer
"Jan always had your back, even when you didn't know. She created space for you to be successful, she gave you tools to be a great leader, she was honest, she called you on your s**t but everything she did was for you and the best (or worst) was you didn't know / understand /appreciate until she was gone.."

- Hannah Jones
"Hannah has passion, - brutal honestly, support, vision and encourages / empowers you to do the same . She helps you reach deep find yourself and allows you to be you. She helps you dream, deliver big, support big, stand together - all while standing by a moral compass that deliver both business and sustainability success."