Recommended By Women is a new initiative to help encourage gender diversity champions, to change the culture and reward good conduct. Women refer the people who are reliable respectful and helpful. Recommended by women for women.

Founder Wendy Dent (an award winning writer- producer- entrepreneur and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader) recognized a need for 'the carrot' as well as the stick in the ongoing effort to close the gender gap, particularly for women in film and women in tech. She wanted to acknowledge and thank the men and women who'd made a difference to her, and realized that a movement to recognize the people who support women would in turn help support more women.

The idea is that women recommend the champions that have made a difference to them (men or women), to celebrate leadership, applaud people supporting diversity, and also position women as authorities (as women are the ones doing the recommending!)

Recommended By Women also makes a difference by raising the profile of the women, as well the people they recommend. The recommendations and their recommenders come with prestige, as we only feature verified recommendations, and to ensure top quality and the best possible recommendations we're inviting leading women only to recommend just their top three champions. Yes - we are listing the best only, not a shopping list.

Many people intend to be helpful, and are very nice, but fail to follow through. Women end up 'dying from encouragement'. So our 'recommended' list includes only those people that women recommend as reliable, who followed up for us, and it made a difference.

A lot of women, particularly in tech, have found bad behavior is all too common. Some people are window shopping -- talking to women but never following up. Instead of focusing on the negative, we'd like to focus on the positives: With 'Recommended By Women' we recognize the best, as a way to incentivize good behavior and undermine the bad - it's a list of trust worthy men who respect women, and it's something that men can put on their business profiles (eg LinkedIn) and mention to others too.

We're not limiting it to men either, as we are gender equal, and want to applaud women who support other women too.

We encourage women to 'recommend' based on three criteria which we have found makes the difference:

Was the person:
- respectful
- helpful and
- reliable

We're in beta- please let us know your suggestions, and submit your nominations. Spread the word, and help us get started!


Wendy Dent

Founder & Web Developer, Recommended By Women
Contact: wendy[at]recommendedbywomen.com