WHO can submit a nomination?

- At this stage only women leaders, on invitation. If you would like to request an invitation to submit a nomination/ recommendation, please contact us through the website contact page.

WHY submit a nomination/ recommendation?

- credit where credit is due
- it's good karma
- good exposure for both you and your referee
(Google search results Etc. nominees can put it in resumes)
- promotes a culture of respectful conduct by acknowledging pi's sitive role modeling and applauding leadership
- encourages diversity and equality
- promotes women as voices of authority (as recommenders)
- your recommendation will be shared on social media

WILL you contact the people I recommend/nominate first?
- No. We don't believe that men -or women- should vet who women nominate. You are welcome to contact them yourself, if you wish, before submitting your nomination.

Can leaders submit an anonymous nomination?
YES, if they wish to remain anonymous that is fine.

IS there a fee for posting a nomination?
No. Submitting a nomination/ recommendation is free.

Are there limits to the numbers of nominations?
YES. Each woman submitting is asked to nominate/ recommend up to 10 people only. Once we have 1000 nominations/recommended people we will reduce this limit to their top 3 choices only.

WHAT is the goal of the initiative?
- applaud positive role models
- encourage respectful conduct
- celebrate leadership and mentorship
- foster diversity and gender equality, through positive feedback
- give thanks and credit where credit is due, to people who have helped women
- promote greater exposure to women leaders and the people who have helped them

WHO founded this site and runs the site?
- Wendy Dent