NOMINATIONS: Women leaders, submit details on the simple form below, to nominate the top 3 diversity champions of your career (men or women)- who have been the most respectful, reliable and helpful. Who do you recommend?

WHY submit a nomination/ recommendation?
- credit where credit is due
- it's good karma
- good exposure for both you and your referee
(Google search results Etc. nominees can put it in resumes)
- promotes a culture of respectful conduct by acknowledging positive role modeling and applauding leadership
- encourages diversity and equality
- promotes women as voices of authority (as recommenders)
- your recommendation will be shared on social media

Our recommended criteria for nominations/ recommendations :

Your nominees have been:

- respectful

- reliable

- helpful

WHY these criteria?
- RESPECT: Women often experience bias, discrimination or disrespectful conduct. They often experience sexual harassment or rude remarks. Respect means that the person nominated treated the woman without bias, discrimination or offence in any way. They did not doubt her, or "hit on" her, or make impolite remarks or jokes about her or towards her.
- RELIABILITY: People often overlook following up with women. So we ask that women only nominate those people who were RELIABLE.
- HELPFULNESS: Was the person going the extra mile ( going beyond expectations) or just doing their job?

WHO can submit a nomination?
- Any one can submit a nomination. We will only be profiling nominees recommended by women leaders on invitation, and women leaders who we've verified (for authenticity and quality).

ARE there limits to the numbers of nominations?
YES. For now: To keep the 'Recommended by Women' endorsement extremely prestigious, each woman leader is asked to nominate/ recommend their TOP 3 champions only.

In choosing your nominees, please remember the goal of the initiative:
- applaud positive role models
- encourage respectful conduct
- celebrate leadership and mentorship
- foster diversity and gender equality, through positive feedback
- give thanks and credit where credit is due, to people who have helped women
- promote greater exposure to women leaders and the people who have helped them

and please spread the word about our site! (Plus donate if you can - it would really make a big difference to us).
We're here, and we're here to help.

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